Swan Hills Synfuels, privately held and based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, is focused on the development of clean energy manufacturing facilities which convert low-cost energy supplies into clean high-value energy products. There are two main components to Swan Hills Synfuels’ business: gas conversion and gas supply.

Gas Conversion: Swan Hills Synfuels’ gas conversion developments will convert gas into clean energy products, such as advanced fuels and electricity. These gas conversion facilities can use as their input either natural gas, or Swan Hills Synfuels’ manufactured synthetic gas. Gas conversion developments use proven, well-established processes in their operation. See the Media Fact Sheet.

Gas Supply: Gas supply for Swan Hills Synfuels’ gas conversion facilities will initially be natural gas, which is abundant in Alberta and readily accessible through existing pipeline infrastructure. In the longer term, Swan Hills Synfuels has the option of replacing this purchased natural gas with its own synthetic gas manufactured using in-situ coal gasification (ISCG), with carbon capture and storage (CCS). Swan Hills Synfuels has secured large reserves of deep coal in Alberta and can tap this coal’s energy with ISCG to provide Swan Hills Synfuels’ gas conversion facilities with a long-term stable, cost-certain supply of synthetic gas, thereby eliminating exposure to volatile and increasing natural gas prices.

Swan Hills Synfuels’ energy manufacturing developments will create a new clean energy industry in Alberta. Environmentally, ISCG with carbon capture and storage has an exemplary profile including significantly reduced air emission, non-fresh water use in the gasification process, and minimal surface disturbance.

Albertans will benefit from this project on a number of levels: significant value-add processing and upgrading of Alberta’s natural gas and coal resources here in Alberta, reduced CO2 emissions, job creation, and optimally located facilities. In addition, with the planned use of ISCG synthetic gas manufacturing captured CO2 for enhanced oil recovery (EOR), Albertans will receive incremental benefits from this EOR activity, such as increased oil royalties.

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Environmentally responsible facilities

  • Energy conversion developments using proven processes to manufacture fuels which meet the most stringent formulation and carbon standards.
  • The ISCG process combined with carbon capture and storage has excellent environmental attributes, including significantly reduced air emissions, non-fresh water use in the gasification process and minimal surface disturbance.

New clean energy conversion industry with enormous potential in Alberta

  • New high value-add processing and upgrading infrastructure developed in Alberta.
  • The energy content in the deep coals in Alberta exceeds the energy content of all of the oil sands and all of the conventional oil and gas reserves remaining in Alberta.

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Swan Hills Synfuels’ clean energy conversion developments are an innovative, fresh approach to enhancing the value of Alberta’s abundant energy resources. Find out more: