Gas Manufacturing

Basic Terminology

Carbon Capture: The removal of carbon dioxide using an industrial process so that the carbon dioxide does not enter the atmosphere and contribute to the global warming.

Carbon Dioxide: CO2 is a heavy odorless colorless gas formed during respiration and by the decomposition of organic substances; absorbed from the air by plants in photosynthesis.

Clean coal: A term most often used by the media in news stories that reference coal developments in which emissions abatement equipment is included to reduce pollutant and/or greenhouse gas emissions.

Clean energy: Although there appears to be no strict definition, clean energy is any energy that causes little or no harm to the environment.

CO2 emissions: Carbon dioxide is a colourless, odourless and non-poisonous gas formed by combustion of carbon and in the respiration of living organisms and is considered a greenhouse gas. CO2 emissions mean the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere over a specified area and period of time.

CO2 sequestration: The injection and storage of carbon dioxide into a deep geological formation such a saline reservoir or mature oil and gas fields.

CO2 storage, Carbon capture and storage (CCS): An approach to mitigating global warming based on capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) from large point sources such as fossil fuel power plants and permanently storing it geologically, such that the CO2 is not emitted to the atmosphere.

Deep coal: Coal seams that lie at such depths that the water present in and around these coal seams is highly saline, and for which mining is not practicable or economic. Swan Hills Synfuels considers coal seams at depths below 1000 m to be "Deep Coal."

Feedstock: The raw material used for chemical or biological processes such as hydrocarbons used as basic materials in a refining or manufacturing process.



In-Situ Coal Gasification (ISCG)

Oil Royalties: "Royalty interest" in an oil, gas and mineral lease represents an interest or revenue share paid to the owner of the resource when such oil, gas or mineral is produced.

Synthetic Gas