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Profiles of Principals

The Principals of Swan Hills Synfuels are combining their extensive industry experience in a collaborative effort to develop industry leading energy conversion projects. The team is driven by environmental consciousness and the desire to develop a new and important industry for Alberta and beyond.

Douglas J. Shaigec, P.Eng.

Doug Shaigec is an engineer with over 25 years experience in energy project development and operations, gas processing facility operations, gasification project development, and power generation business development and construction.

Doug is the founder of Swan Hills Synfuels and has led the project development efforts since its inception in 2005.

Doug formerly led TransCanada’s western North America power generation development business, which developed over 350 MW of high efficiency gas-fired cogeneration in Alberta. Doug was also formerly with Shell Canada in gas processing and operations project management.

Tim Crowe, P.Eng.

Tim Crowe, an engineer with over 30 years energy experience brings a unique combination of expertise in project management, regulatory affairs, and solid technical and business experience in energy project development and operations. Since joining the company in April 2007, Tim has led Swan Hills Synfuels’ efforts in securing regulatory approvals for its developments and in the design and execution of its subsurface activities.

Tim has extensive sour natural gas and oil sands development experience, having spent 19 years with Shell Canada prior to joining Swan Hills Synfuels.

Warren Shelfantook, P.Eng.

Warren Shelftantook is an engineer with over 18 years of experience in energy facilities process engineering, operations and maintenance, including oil sands extraction and upgrading facilities. Warren brings a very strong chemical and process engineering background and since joining the company he has led the organization in the safe operations and maintenance of the ISCG Demonstration Facility, as well as providing process engineering expertise to proposed methanol-based energy conversion developments.

Prior to joining Swan Hills Synfuels, Mr. Shelfantook spent 9 years with Syncrude Canada Ltd, during which time he held roles in many different plant operations based positions, and in technical, operations and leadership positions.